Inside Great Tips for Dating Success

This guide is designed to help you improve your dating lifestyle, to help you find potential partners and to keep the fun in your dating routine.

There are 20 pages of valuable information inside Great Tips for Dating Success. Also included are some very important safety guidelines that can help keep you out of dangerous situations.

Whether you are male or female, this guide will help you on your dating adventures.

How to Meet Your Next Great Date

Probably the question I'm most asked by singles is "Why am I not meeting anyone new?" And my response is always the same: "Because you aren't looking in the right places."

This guide shows you where to look and the best methods for picking up your next great date.

Ideas for Interesting Interludes

So now you've found a lucky girl or guy to take on your next date, but now you're probably plagued with the next big question: "Where do we go?" Dinner and a movie are always an option, but if you really want your first date to make an impression, try one of the unique and fun great date ideas found inside the guide.

Dating Etiquette 101

Whether it's your first date or your hundredth, chances are you still feel unsure of how to be on your best behavior. A date is already a high press situation and stressing out about good etiquette will only make it worse, inside are a few do's and don'ts to help you make a fantastic impression.

Dating Safe

A very important point I want to emphasize to both sexes is to stay safe while you date! Any date has the potential to become a dangerous, even life-threatening, situation. The answer isn't to give up dating, after all you stand a good chance of getting assaulted in the workplace, too, but most people don't quit their jobs. The answer is to stay alert and be informed. Inside the guide are some important tips to help keep you out of harm's way:

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