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In past times, dates were often arranged by a match maker. These match makers are friends, relatives and acquaintances while in other countries match makers are professionals like nak?do in Japan, shadkhan in Israel and Jung-me in Korea.

Match making is the process where a man and a woman are introduced to each other as potential partners in marriage. Professional match makers are those who have wide connections of acquaintances, deep understanding of human character, great experience in helping someone get a life partner. The tradition of match making has not been erased but it was improved by our modern day technology. Today match making is no longer just a job of a single individual, this has now become an exceptional online dating service. is an online dating service provider that helps singles meet online and eventually date. is a dating service with a great number of members seeking to have a long term relationship or possibly marriage. Members get to know each other online and decide to date if they feel like getting to know each other. Members say that online introduction and video chat have helped them feel more comfortable and relax on the first meeting. Others say that it seems like they have already known the other for a long time even if it was just their first date.

That is the beauty of this high tech match maker, live video chat gives you the chance to talk and see the person on screen. has instant messenger and live video chat service that allows its members to get to know a potential match up close and personal even before their first “actual” date. Join in and let find your perfect match. Registration is free at

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